District Actions

The Great Basin SIP – EIR GHG MitigationsWednesday, March 26th, 2008

The Great Basin APCD adopted a PM10 SIP revision in February that requires the City of Los Angeles to implement about $125 million in additional dust controls on the dried bed of Owens Lake. This will bring the total spent on the lake bed since 2000 to about $525 million. By 2010 dust controls will be in place on over 27,000 acres of the lake bed. The EIR associated with the latest SIP revision identified GHG generation associated with the construction and operation of the project as a significant environmental impact. The SIP and EIR require five mitigation measures to reduce GHG impacts. These include the utilization of low-emission construction equipment, the use of hybrid, low-emission or alternative-fuel vehicles during operation of the project and an aggressive low-emission tune-up schedule for construction equipment project equipment.

We believe the Owens Valley PM10 SIP is the first in California to include mandatory GHG reduction elements. In fact, the National Association of Environmental Planners has awarded our it their 2008 National Environmental Excellence Award for Best Available Environmental Technology.  More information can be found on our website at http://www.gbuapcd.org/.