District Actions

Ventura County APCD Public OutreachTuesday, May 20th, 2008

“Air – the search for one clean breath” – our new film, funded in part by the US EPA, was previewed in April 2008 at the US EPA AirNow Conference in Portland, Oregon.  It got outstanding reviews.  The film’s objective is to tell the story of air in a compelling way, from its cosmic beginnings, to its personality, lifestyle changes, struggle for identity, and its endurance as the breath of life for us all.  In the telling of the story, global climate change could not be ignored.  We travelled to the British Antarctic Survey core Program at Cambridge University to interview Dr. Robert Mulvaney, an international ice core expert.  In this interview, Dr. Mulvaney says there is frightening evidence in the ice cores that the atmosphere of this planet is changing drastically.  We also have footage, shot especially for us by National Geographic, of Antarctic glaciers melting and of ice core researchers in the Antarctic.  For information on this film, call Barbara L. Page at 805/645-1415.


Clean Air Today 2007 – this 8-page publication features global climate change, both locally and internationally.  It won the international Mercury Communications Award of Excellence in 2008.  The piece features an explanation of the problem, what people can do to solve it, and what government and the state of California are currently doing.

 The District has been actively marketing a 20-minute power point presentation on global climate change.  As far as we know, we are the first California air district to do so.  We present this to service organizations, senior groups, city employees, and other organizations.