SCAQMD Climate Change Action Areas:Thursday, August 27th, 2009

·         Inventory: To show its support for efforts to inventory and reduce GHG emissions, SCAQMD has voluntarily prepared a GHG inventory. The SCAQMDhas also reported voluntarily to the California Climate Action Registry (CCAR)for the last several years.


·         SoCal Climate Solutions Exchange: The objective of the SoCal Climate Solutions Exchange is to ensure real, surplus, verifiable GHG reductions from voluntary, early actions. This provides incentives for local investments and assists local businesses in capturing voluntary early GHG reductions. Added benefits are the retention of co-pollutant benefits and stimulus for the local economy. Three rules were adopted in late 2008 and early 2009 to implement this program – Rule 2700 – General; Rule 2701 – SoCal Climate Solutions Exchange; and Rule 2702 – GHG Reduction Program. SCAQMD staff serves as the verifiers for emission reductions that follow pre-approved protocols.


·         California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA): To provide guidance to local lead agencies on determining significance for GHG emissions in their CEQA documents, the SCAQMD convened a GHG CEQA Significance Threshold Working Group. Members of the working group include government agencies implementing CEQA and representatives from various stakeholder groups that will provide input to the SCAQMD staff on developing GHG CEQA significance thresholds. On December 5, 2008, the SCAQMD Governing Board adopted an interim GHG significance threshold for projects where the SCAQMD is lead agency. Work is underway regarding recommendations for a GHG threshold for other applications.


·         Technology Advancement Assistance: SCAQMD oversees a comprehensive program to co-sponsor public-private demonstration and deployment projects for lower-emission fuels, vehicles, and technologies in local fleets. Co-funded fleet acquisitions include low-emission natural gas school & transit buses, clean heavy duty vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric conversions, and other advanced propulsion vehicles & equipment.


·         Technical and Policy Forums: The SCAQMD periodically holds clean-energy forums and roundtables to bring together experts on a variety of topics, including GHG reduction strategies. Archived event materials can be viewed at the SCAQMD website: visit, click on upper tab “Technology,” then select “Technology Forums” from the drop-down menu.


·         Leading by Example: The SCAQMD headquarters facility is considered a “green building” because of its unique design and state-of-the art features such as fuel cells, 60-kilowatt micro turbines, high efficiency chillers, and energy efficient lighting. The building’s exterior design includes windows of a high-efficiency glass which allows light in, but keeps heat out. The building roof is a reflective material which aids in reducing air conditioning load during sunny days. The SCAQMD maintains one of the largest alternatively-fueled fleets in the country, with vehicles running on electricity, compressed natural gas, gasoline, hydrogen or other hybrid combinations.