Health Conference

The CAPCOA “Health Impacts of Air Pollution on Communities” Conference, took place on September 19-20, 2007. The conference was held in Carson, California at the Carson Community Center. To download the Conference Program click here. To download a summary of the presentations and the World Cafe, please click here.

DAY 1 : Understanding Impacts of Air Pollution on Communities: Tools & Practices

Presenter Presentation Title Download
Ralph Delfino Health Effects of Air Pollution
Janice Kim Epidemiological Studies for Assessing Health Impacts of Air Pollution
Eric Roberts Health Tracking and Disease Registries
Bob Blaisdell Assessing Potency and Dose of Chemicals
Song Bai & Doug Eisinger Mobile Source Toxics:Assessing Project-Level Impacts
Philip Fine Personal Monitoring for Air Pollution Exposure
Ronald Henry A New Approach for Locating and Quantifying the Impacts of Local Sources of Air Pollution
Jean Ospital MATES II/III Grid Analysis
Phil Martien The Bay Area CARE Program
Bart Croes Neighborhood Assessment: Harbor Communities Study
Lauren Zeise Quantitative Assessment of Cumulative Impacts: Challenges & Progress
Wilma Subra Community Experience of Cumulative Impacts
Rachel Morello-Frosch Developing and Visualizing Vulnerabilities in Communities

DAY 2 : Addressing Air Pollution Impacts on Communities: Management and Policy Decisions

Presenter Presentation Title Download
Dan Donohoue Source Category Regulations
Chris Halm Air Toxics Hot Spots & Assessment Act and Risk Reduction Program
Lance Ericksen New Source Review for Air Toxics
Amy Kyle Incorporating Non-Quantitative Factors
Manuel Pastor New Approaches for Assessing Community Impacts
Carolyn Raffensperger Alternatives Analysis for Supplemental Pollution Reduction Strategies
Mark Saperstein Traditional vs. New Approaches
Joe Lyou Building the Bridge to Healthier Communities
James Hankla Building the Bridge to Healthier Communities