Moyer RAP


What is the Carl Moyer Rural Assistance Program (Moyer RAP)?

The Moyer RAP provides monetary grants to individuals, private companies and public agencies that clean up their heavy-duty engines more than required by air pollution regulations.

What types of projects qualify for the Moyer RAP?

Eligible projects may include the re-powering or retrofitting of existing engines and vehicles, as well as the purchase of new low-emission engines or vehicles. Eligible project types include:

onroad On-Road heavy-duty vehicles (> 14,000 lbs. gross vehicle weight)
– On-Road Equipment (retrofit only – small fleet) Application
offroad Off-Road heavy-duty equipment
(e.g. construction and farm equipment, compression-ignition and large spark-ignition; this excludes generators)
– Compression Ignition Equipment Application
– Large Spark Ignition (LSI) Equipment Application
ag Agricultural Sources (i.e. irrigation pumps, harvesters) Application
V.I.P. Voucher Incentive Program (contact your local air district for more information)

Ineligible projects include generators.

How can I apply for a Moyer RAP grant?
Please review the Instruction Sheet and fill out the appropriate application using the links above.

How much money is available?
In the current funding cycle, there is approximately $360,000 available for projects. These funds must be used by June 30, 2019. Some additional funds may be available. Additional funds are available through the local air districts in subsequent years through a separate application process.

How is the size of the Moyer RAP grant determined?
Moyer RAP grants are based on the “incremental cost” and the emission benefits of the project. The “incremental cost” refers to the portion of the project cost associated with purchasing and utilizing equipment sooner than otherwise required. The maximum funding amount will not exceed $100,000 per grant.

How are projects selected?
Projects are ranked in order of cost effectiveness and other factors such as geographic location and previous applications submitted. Please note that the current cost effectiveness limit is $30,000.

How is the program administered?
The projects will be administered by the air quality agency in the area in which the project is located. The district will provide a contract, do the necessary inspections, and provide the funds.

Where can I get more information about Moyer RAP?
For additional information, contact Rachel Pallatin (916) 441-5700 or

Or visit: